Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Teacher has become the Student

The first time I moved abroad was to Costa Rica in the fall of 2004.  I worked as a volunteer in San Jose, and while I bounced back forth across the country on weekend excursions, I met a lot of English teachers.  Two years later, I started my own career as an English teacher.  Since then, the profession has taken me to South Korea, Namibia, and the Dominican Republic.  I love teaching English simply because it's a job that can take me anywhere in the world from capital cities to remote villages.  Teaching has allowed me to explore other countries, but ultimately it led me back to the U.S.

Daegu, South Korea

Omungwelume, Namibia

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

About two years ago, I made the decision to pursue a master's degree.  I knew I wanted to continue teaching internationally, and in the world of academia, credentials are important.  If I returned to school, I was inclined to take the brick and mortar route instead of the online one.  Thus, I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to complete a Master's in TESOL.

Shortly after I arrived, I discovered UC Berkeley Extension offered a certificate program in Teaching English as a Second Language.  The program, which is greatly discounted, is credited towards the first year of a master's degree at the University of San Francisco (USF).  Because the entire program is catered to working professionals, I'm able to teach at a language school while taking classes, providing me with the most economical and expedient way to receiving a master's.

Last week, I completed the certificate program at UC Berkeley Extension.  In the fall, I've been accepted to USF and need to take five classes in order to get a Master's in TESOL.  That means by the end of 2015, I'll be looking for a new place to live.  So far I've been considering Argentina, Chile, Vietnam, Turkey, and Morocco.  But for right now, the Bay Area not a bad place to live.

Golden Gate Bridge with San Francisco in the background

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